You had life figured out and were going places before pain derailed everything. 

You were successful and driven and achieved everything you put your mind to. When your pain started, like everything else, you put your whole mind to overcoming it. You have given your whole life and soul to solving and treating it, yet pain has you beat. The more you have struggled to conquer your pain, the more power and dominion it has exerted over your life. Pain has left you feeling frustrated, discouraged, helpless, depressed, and angry and you question whether you will ever be free of pain. 

Your life can and will be pain free again. You have not been able to overcome your pain because your nervous system has gotten stuck in a learned pain state. Pain Reprocessing Therapy reverses your nervous system back to its pre-pain state and by doing so eliminates pain. 

Reclaim your life from pain with Pain Reprocessing Therapy. 

Pain Reprocessing Therapy Overview

Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a collection of psychological techniques that breaks the cycle of chronic pain, but to understand how it does this, you need to understand the mechanism driving chronic pain.

Pain is a danger signal. When we injure ourselves, sensory information from the damaged tissues is sent through the nervous system to the brain, processed, and we feel pain. However, when pain becomes chronic, the nervous system has undergone reversible changes and starts interpreting normal safe signals from the body as dangerous. Chronic pain is a false alarm.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy treats chronic pain by reversing neuroplastic changes so that safe and normal signals are processed correctly thereby turning off the false alarm.

Does Pain Reprocessing Therapy Work?

A 2021 study showed Pain Reprocessing Therapy to have a 98% positive response rate with 66% of participants cured of chronic pain at the end of the study, and these results were maintained over a 12-month follow-up!

Is Pain Reprocessing Therapy
right for you?

Do you still have pain even after multiple healthcare treatments?

Have you worked hard to overcome pain but it seems to have worsened?

Have you been told you will just have to live with your pain?

If you said YES to any of these questions, Pain Reprocessing Therapy may be right for you. Complete the quiz below to receive a personalized response about your pain.

About Me

My life fell apart when an injury left me in debilitating pain. After 2 years of struggling to find relief, I was losing hope. As a physical therapist I had tried everything I was trained to do. When this failed, I sought help elsewhere and received multiple healthcare treatments including a spinal injection, but nothing helped. My pain had devastated my life, hopes, and dreams.

At this lowest point I finally decided to investigate a colleague's suggestion that my pain was the result of changes in my nervous system. I learned that when pain lasts longer than 3-6 months it is because the nervous system gets stuck in a pain state. When this maladapted state occurs, and it does so in about 1 of 4 people, it continues to generate pain after the initial need has passed. I started studying pain neuroscience and experimenting with practices designed to calm my nervous system. My pain started to improve and as I continued learning and using these practices, I was able to re-train my nervous system and eliminate my pain.

I am now certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy and teach its techniques with individualized coaching services.