Individualized Pain Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a rapidly emerging method that motivated and driven individuals are using to reach their goals more rapidly and with higher levels of success.

They form a collaborative relationship that facilitates recognition of strengths and barriers, enables solution self-discovery, and provides support and implementation accountability.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Pain Recovery Coaching

Are you ready to stop managing pain and begin curing it?

Are you ready to:

  •  Learn why prior medical treatments failed to treat your pain?

  •  Learn the fundamentals of Pain Reprocessing Therapy?

  •  Start you on the path to curing your pain?

Details and Cost

  •  Duration is typically 2-4 months.

  •  3-4/monthly 45-minute coaching calls with additional messaging contacts during the week.

  • Cost: $1,500

  • Cash only, insurance not accepted.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy Topics

  •  Introduction to Pain Reprocessing Therapy and Pain Neuroscience Education

  •  A New Perspective and Evidence Gathering

  •  Somatic Tracking and Leaning into Positive Sensations

  •  The Process

  •  Breaking High-Alert Habits and Getting Good at Feeling Good

  •  Relapse Prevention

Is Pain Coaching Right for You?

You have worked hard using practices and making lifestyle changes to overcome your pain but it isn’t working. You struggle to be consistent and your goal of ridding your life of pain still feels out of reach. You need a pain coach who will help you to identify and overcome barriers, discover and capitalize upon your strengths, and provide support and accountability implementing the proven practices of Pain Reprocessing Therapy.

My Coaching Services

I am currently accepting clients for Individualized Pain Coaching for virtual service online. Contact me for current program information and enrollment.